Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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Here in Arizona, our carpets take a huge beating every day—tracked in dirt, pet traffic, desert dust, spills and stains, and even fleas and mites. Cleaning your carpets regularly with hot water extraction will give you peace of mind, knowing your family and guests can enjoy your well maintained and beautifully clean carpet, free of worry about dirt and grime or worse—unwanted, hidden infestations. To maintain and extend the life of your carpets, you should have it professionally cleaned every 6–12 months—at least once a year.

Our Method

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We remove all of the furniture from the area.
  • We spray our environmentally friendly product onto the carpet and wait about 10 minutes for it to soak in and begin to take affect.
    • The product fights re-soiling by encapsulating residual cleaning agents and soils in a hard, brittle polymer.
  • We agitate the carpet with a powerful sponge and our automatic scrubbing machine, brushing the entire area, pulling out dirt, hair, and other contaminants from your carpet.
    • This step is very important, making it superior to other methods that simply use suction.
  • We apply our pressurized wand over the surface twice, injecting 220 degree water loosening grime, dirt, hair, and other contaminants and disinfecting and deodorizing deep down.
    • We'll do this process at least twice to ensure a full and complete cleaning.
  • Our commercial grade vacuum extracts all of the pre-conditioner, residue, and particulates.
    • We understand that extraction is the most important step in the hot water extraction process. Since the hot-water extraction method uses much more water than other methods, proper extraction and airflow are critical to avoid drying issues.
    • You may decrease the drying time by using extra fans, air conditioning, and/or outdoor ventilation.
  • We will replace your furniture on top of protective pads to protect your fine wood furniture from the leftover carpet moisture and ask that you remove the pads once the carpet is completely dry.